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"Самый стройный, самый изящный ансамбль"

This Israeli ensemble is called "Dance Magic Show". This is a team-project of three young talented people inspired with one idea - to create something new and beautiful in the field of modern dance. This includes various styles and elements such as folklore, lighting effects, the art of work with fire, mystics, choreography, phantasmagoria, tricks, illusions, acrobatics, etc. The program is unique in essence. Due to the perfect skills, high professionalism and artistry of the performers, the show is sold out and the audience remains enchanted through a full hour concert of the three dancers. This program, primarily intended for youth, is accepted with delight by people of all ages. The audience admires their passion, energy, inspiration, elegancy, plasticity, harmony, relaxedness, uniqueness, and most of all - their true love for the art of dancing. "The lissome (supple) dances, performed by our group are a true poetry. The poetry of dance intoxicates you as a wine, so you want to drink and drink it nonstop by big gulps." - says Daniel Binyamin - a participant and inspirer of "Dance Magic Show". Daniel is a graduate of the Tashkent choreographic college and also, of the faculty of stage-managing in the Uzbekistan Institute of Culture. He was a soloist of Uzbek national ensemble "Shodlik". In 1992, after immigrating to Israel, he became a soloist of the well-known Israeli ensemble "Inbal". In fact, Daniel began dancing at the age of 2.


The Second of the trio is Dana Binyamin. She is an alumnus of Uzbek choreographic school and a graduate of the Moscow Institute of Culture. She was a teacher at a choreographic college and immigrated to Israel in 1990. The third performer, Dennis Sapozhnikov, came from Saint Petersburg. He is a graduate of the theatre faculty of the Haifa University (choreography and drama department). Dennis is a sportsman, a boxer and aerobics instructor. He graduated from the Wingate Sports Institute. In fact, he is a jazz dancer, and he takes a great interest in lighting and fire effects, widely used in these kinds of performances.


Daniel and Dana are stage directors of choreography in well-known theatres such as "Habima", "Kamery Theatre", "Beit-Lesin" and "Herzlia Teatron". They have already created 12 performances in conjunction with famous stage-managers. Every year Daniel is invited by the Rubin Academy (the University of Jerusalem) to conduct the "Bukhara Dances", a seminar he has given regularly over the past six years. For the past year Daniel and Dana have appeared on Israeli TV shows, which have made them so popular, that people now recognize them in the streets.


Daniel and Dana traveled all over France, Monaco, Spain, Thailand, Honk Kong, England, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, USA and Canada with the old and widely known ensemble "Shagririm". Not long ago the "Dance magic show" came back from the concert tour after a series of performances in a number of European countries. Their private impresario Igor Valiansky organized 25 concerts for them in Germany, France, Holland and Belgium. The concert tour was extraordinarily successful and the artists were accepted very warmly everywhere, especially when organizers introduced them as Israelis (This introduction was not always used, although it should have been).


After each performance a very lively conversation with the members of the audience took place. The audience expressed their enthusiasm and remarked that it was unbelievable that a country so persistently undergoing terrorist attacks, has such an active theatrical life, particularly expressed in such a gorgeous and graceful art of dance. No doubt that while using the language of dance, the show-group of Daniel, Dana and Dennis make a very important contribution to the cause of worthy presentation of Israeli art on the international scene, and this is a very important issue for our country. Plans for the future of "Dance Magic Show" include a performance that will reflect a living connection between biblical times and a present-day perception of the world.

Yair Aksakalov
Translated by Olga Yelenitsky

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