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"Магия танца"

Some how we have all become accustomed to our lives being accompanied by dance. Bright and unforgettable colors, splashes of expression, positive energy, good mood, festival of rhythms together with exquisite modern elements and refined elements of classics…


All of a man's life is dancing. To be more exact, dance is a way in which people have become accustomed to express themselves. Dance opens you from the inside; it changes the criteria of understanding yourself. Body, after all, is an instrument through which soul shows itself to the world, not only technically, but also dramatically. But it's easy to write about it or reflect on it. Learning to dance, however, is much harder. But it is probably easier to learn how to dance than to get the Israeli ensemble "Dance Magic Show" into your festival program.


It (everything) was predetermined. A boy was born in a well-known Uzbek dynasty of dancers - Akilov-Binyamin. As it usually happens, he got into professional stage at the young age of five. He then finished school and choreographic college, and served in the army as a member of Ensemble of Song and Dance in the military region of Turkistan. Later he worked at the Uzbek philharmonic society and participated in a great number of performances. Eventually, following his concert schedule brought him to Israel. Their concert tour was already drawing to a close when Daniel saw the familiar word "Dance" on one of the billboards of the famous Center of Stage Arts in the name of Suzan Dalal in Tel-Aviv. Real professional dancers were very rare in Israel until recently. The billboard with the word "dance" led to the studio of the famous Israeli dancing ensemble "Inbal", where Daniel was accepted as a genuine star. The contract was signed immediately and the return-ticket was thrown in the bin. It took a couple of years to understand that to dance, even as the soloist of the famous show-group is much easier than to participate on stage in what is not a simple dancing performance, but rather a serious dancing show. Daniel sought a free dance that springs from a dancer's own state of mind, feelings, melodies; he sought for a dance of joy and weariness, flight and desire, a dance in which it is possible to express a spirit of one's nation, its might, wisdom and experience. Thus "Dance Magic Show" came into being. Daniel Binyamin is its manager, director, producer and soloist. This is a trio - Daniel, Svetlana and Dennis, but there is also a duet within it. Daniel and Svetlana started as a duet both art and then in life when they got married. They both agree that if they had more spare time, they would only dance Argentinean tango. They admit that this dance has everything in it - passion, emotions, masterly technique and delicate relationship between partners.


In Israel the "Dance Magic Show" has a reputation of being extremely professional and outstanding as a show-group. They have worked with Valentin Yudashkin, appeared before the President of the USA Bill Clinton, the princess of Monaco Caroline, were on tour in Las-Vegas, in many European cities, in Moscow; as well as participation in a great number of shows on Israeli TV. Daniel has created a multitude of bright and colorful shows: from stage interpretations of classic European and Latin-American dances to programs inspired by famous musicals, movies, various carnivals, circus performances, folklore festivals and even popular cartoons. All leading Israeli theatres eagerly rival to invite Daniel and Svetlana to put on dancing scenes on their stages, and organizers of beauty contests ask them to present selection and final rounds.


"Dance performance is impossible without the elements of theatre, circus, sensuality, transformation - a real show, in short. We initiated this; we were the first and the only ones in our time. I think that it is absolutely natural for the mentality of "Russians": we first seek the meaning of life and then its form" - says Daniel. "Simply dances became just boring. There are lots of dances as well as dancers, but we sought something new, we didn't want to repeat after others. So, we found a way not to be at a standstill, to move forward, breaking stereotypes, transforming dance into a real show, so that the audience could see more than just a dance at our performances. Lately we amazed the public with our fire-show. One of our latest programs is based on combination of dance with acrobatic elements, where we take off the stage, actually dancing in the air. And our newest program is a dancing show-transformation, where we change costumes while dancing, within one or two seconds, and appear before the audience in 16 various new images."

Alexey Osipov
Translated by Olga Yelenitsky

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