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Magazin "Maariv" "Zman Rishon" Israel 16.03.12Подробнее >>>
Афиши концертов
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"Магия танца"
Some how we have all become accustomed to our lives being accompanied by dance. Bright and unforgettable colors, splashes of expression, positive energy, good mood, festival of rhythms together with exquisite modern elements and refined elements of classics…   All of a man's life is dancing. To be more exact, dance is a way in which people have become accustomed to express themselves. Dance opens you from the inside; it changes the criteria of understanding yourself. Body, after all, is an instrument through which soul shows itself to the world, not only technically, but also dramatically. But it's easy to write about....Подробнее >>>
"Самый стройный, самый изящный ансамбль"
This Israeli ensemble is called "Dance Magic Show". This is a team-project of three young talented people inspired with one idea - to create something new and beautiful in the field of modern dance. This includes various styles and elements such as folklore, lighting effects, the art of work with fire, mystics, choreography, phantasmagoria, tricks, illusions, acrobatics, etc. The program is unique in essence. Due to the perfect skills, high professionalism and artistry of the performers, the show is sold out and the audience remains enchanted through a full hour concert of the three dancers. This program, primarily intended for....Подробнее >>>
Международный фестиваль фольклора 2005
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Фестиваль "Музыка на море" Израиль
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Ночные клубы
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